Factory of furniture fronts

We offer different types of furniture fronts and front interior elements under our own Bel Viso ™. We constantly expand the catalog of colors, milling and other decorative elements. Matte and glossy surfaces, monochromatic decors and patterns, wood and modern technological materials – we will fulfill the order taking into account all your wishes.

Depending on the type of front, it can be supplemented with handles, milling, patina, columns and other elements. We control product quality at every stage of production. An ideal price-quality ratio, aesthetics, individual solutions and customer orientation are our formula for perfect fronts.

Types of Bel Viso fronts:

The capacity of the factory is 60 000 m² of various fronts per month. Since the creation of the brand, we have produced about 1 million m² of fronts. The slogan of Bel Viso ™ is “We produce happiness”. We really produce happiness, because we see the genuine admiration of people who see our products.


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