Bel Viso Glass fronts

Metal strength and transparent variations


Bel Viso Glass fronts

Add expressiveness to the space with Bel Viso Glass aluminum fronts! This is a unique combination of a strong aluminum frame and a glass or mirror filling.

The stylish and concise design of the fronts is suitable for many interior solutions. The endless range of filling and services of UV printing, matting, color film application allows you to do something unique.

Bel Viso Glass fronts are a universal option for any interior design. They have a special resistance to high temperatures and moisture, and are also unpretentious in care. By choosing aluminum profile fronts, you care about the environment and your safety. Fittings are ecological and made from recycled materials.

The fronts are based on more than 8 options

of anodized aluminum profile with different types of coatings from the Spanish brand CORTIZO, which protects the filling from mechanical damage. The profile is resistant to mechanical damage and has a pleasant to the touch surface. The elements of the front are assembled at 45° and fixed together with metal corners.


Types of profile

Noventa Graphite Brush

Noventa Black Matt

Suave White Glass

Suave Bronze Glass

Oculto Black Brush

Oculto Gold Glass

R1 Graphite Brush

R1 Gold Gloss

R1 Nickel Brush

R4 Nickel Brush

R11 Black Glass

R11 Silver Mirror


Flexibility in performing non-standard orders

Fast order fulfillment time

10 years of warranty

Additional services

Applying artistic finish

Cut-in handle

Drilling hinge holes

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