Delivery services


Customs registration and customs clearance of cargo

We provide customs brokerage services to make the process of registration and receipt as simple and comfortable as possible for you.

What will cooperation with us look like?


Preparation of documents

Documents are drawn up in accordance with customs regulations

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is included in the price of the product


Preparation of additional certificates

Additional certificates are provided if needed and paid for separately

You have the goods!

Customs clearance of goods is paid separately


Logistics services

We will deliver your order anywhere, promptly and with care. Delivery is carried out by land and sea.



Viyar specialists carefully prepare each order for transportation using various types of packaging: cardboard corners, stretch film, corrugated cardboard.

Furniture installation

Furniture installation is an additional option that ViYar offers for corporate orders (hotel, office, etc.). We will not only manufacture kitchens, cabinets or other furniture for you, but also install it. Enjoy your comfortable space!