Bel Viso veneered fronts

Touch the unique nature patterns


Do you appreciate the naturalness and individuality in furniture? Bel Viso veneered fronts will be an ideal solution!

The unique wood texture allows you to get furniture that has no analogues in the whole world, just as in nature there are no identical trees in terms of pattern, number of knots and shape of rings.

The basis of the fronts is an MDF covered with a natural or modified veneer 0.5 mm thick. Veneered fronts are completely ecological and convey the texture of natural wood. The edge for fronts is also made of veneer.

Bel Viso veneered fronts

Natural veneer.This is a wood slice that preserves its natural texture. The manufacturer is "Euroshpon", Ukraine.
Modified veneer.It is made using fine-line technology, which makes it possible to create a stable structure and shade. Manufacturer – ALPI, Italy.

The range of Bel Viso veneered fronts

includes more than 80 decors. We offer various paints and varnishes to protect the veneer from moisture, dyes and UV light. Types of coating: paint (RAL and NCS catalogs), stain, matte and semi-matte Sayerlack varnishes. Modified veneer is covered only with varnishes.

Types of decors

American walnut tangent

White ash tangent

Natural oak rustic

Noble walnut ALPI

Dark walnut ALPI

Rosewood ALPI


A wide range of veneers and coatings

Flexibility in performing non-standard orders

10 years of warranty

Additional services

Double-sided coating

Coating with paints and varnishes

Eco (natural material)

Cut-in handle

Gluing of a slice at 45°

Preservation of wood texture and painting the sample

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