Factory of stone products


The ViYar company has its own TM of stone products – BELTERNO. We work with materials such as Neolith, Inalco, Caesarstone, Arpa, Fenix, Grandex, Getacore, etc. Our specialists process them at a production with an area of 2 000 m².

We offer hundreds of decors, matte and glossy coatings. Innovative production technologies and materials of Spanish, Italian and other well-known brands are the key to creating durable products.


For BELTERNO products, we use 4 materials:


Hollywood Sign on The Hill
Hollywood Sign on The Hill
Hollywood Sign on The Hill
Acrylic stone
Hollywood Sign on The Hill
Compact board

In 2018, Viyar received a Quality Network certificate from DuPont – the leading manufacturer of artificial stone. The document confirms that our technologies and products meet all DuPont standards for processing this material.

We produce:

Sinks and wash basins

Wall panels


Floors and stairs




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