HPL-fronts Bel Viso

Increased damage resistance


HPL-fronts Bel Viso

Matte coatings are a trend in interior design! Their pleasant textures create a cozy and warm atmosphere. However, furniture with such coatings is often vulnerable to scratches and fingerprints, so they need careful care.

In search of something special, the Bel Viso team created HPL-fronts. These are fronts based on MDF-boards covered with a high-pressure laminate (HPL). They have a unique ability to regenerate: when small scratches appear, the surface is easily restored by heat treatment.

In production, we use 2 types of HPL:

In production, we use 2 types of HPL:

Fenix – nanotechnological anti-fingerprint material with a deep matte surface and the ability to recover.
Arpa – decorative multilayer HPL-laminate with exceptional strength.

Types of decors

MDF FENIX NTM 0724 Bromine Grey

MDF FENIX NTM 0720 Ingram Black

MDF FENIX NTM 0750 Komodoro Green

MDF FENIX BLOOM NTM 0773 Green Defect

MDF FENIX BLOOM NTM 0771 Light Blue Naxos

MDF FENIX BLOOM NTM 0772 Yellow Cashmere

MDF FENIX NTM 0029 Male White

MDF ARPA 0001 Luna

MDF ARPA 3276 Luna

MDF ARPA 4587 Aleve

MDF ARPA 3432 Losa

MDF ARPA 3279 Luna


Practicality in operation

High resistance to UV radiation

Resistance to various mechanical damage

Resistance to moisture and dyes and more than 80 decors

Additional services

Laser edging

Double-sided coating

Cut-in handle

A variety of sheet thicknesses and formats

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