Mass production of individual orders

We specialize in the mass production of individual orders and perform more than 3000 of them every day. We were able to achieve this result thanks to:

Automated production integrated with kanban and 5S system

These are technologies that ensure the implementation of orders «just-in-time» and in accordance with the strict requirements of sorting, order, cleanliness, standardization and improvement.

Special IT products

that allow to upload data to the production system anytime and anywhere. To do this, we have developed a special online software product ViyarPro, for registration and calculation of production orders.

Leading European brands equipment

including Homag, IMA and Biesse. These are world leaders in the production of equipment for wood and other materials. We annually update the equipment for the workshops, so only the latest models are used in production.

Flexibility in fulfilling individual orders

Whatever difficult the order is, we are ready to provide the necessary production capacity for processing materials and manufacturing parts to your size and drawings. Even if these are very small projects

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