Board materials workshop

Viyar provides processing services for any type of board materials used in furniture production. These are a chipboard, MDF, HDF, OSB, HPL-plates, various decorative panels and other materials.

Our services:

Cutting of board materials

Rectilinear and curvilinear gluing (PUR, EVA, laser)


Drilling panels

Coupling of details

Sampling of quarters, grooves, corners, etc.

The chipboard materials workshop has more than 150 large-sized machine tools. This allows us to quickly perform a large amount of work – 3 000 orders per day, 250 trucks of cut chipboard per month. Most production processes are automated, making it possible to achieve the most accurate and high-quality results.

We use high-tech equipment from German and Italian manufacturers:

  1. Holzma for cutting panels
  2. Homag for edging panels with ABS
  3. Weeke BHX for drilling panels
  4. Biesse Rover for curvilinear cutting of panels
You order production services from Viyar and receive details of the necessary sizes with all processing and ready for assembling